Carla Bruni - Chanson Triste chords

(intro 2x) A

A C#m D ESong just for you
A C#m D Ea little sad song I believe
A C#m D EThree verses of crumpled words
A C#m D Sometimes notes of all my regrets
E F#m EAll my regrets of us (two)
F#m EAre all at the end of my fingers
F#m E D ELike do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do.
A C#m D EIt�s a song of withered love
A C#m D ELike the one that you hum
A C#m D EThree times nothing of our lives
A C#m D Three verses, nothing like this melody
E F#m EThis that remains of us (two)
F#m EIs hollow to my sight
F#m E D ELike do re mi fa sol la si do
A C#m D EIt�s a souvenir song
A C#m DFor us to forget without anything to say.
E ATo forget without anything to say
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