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Carlos Jean – Lead The Way chords

Em GI never had any doubt
Am I knew that I would end up wrong
Cand this is where I got
Em GAn empty crowd crying out loud
Am C praying for the wrong that apparently I've done
Em Looking kinda dumb,
Gpeople staring at my crown
Am CI have no magic kingdom but I own all that I touch
Em G AmI might no be your girl but I'm everything you wanna be
CI'm daddy's little girl with some mud on my cheek
EmAnd I'm calling your name
GI don't know my own
Am CAnd I try to forget who I used to date
Em GAll I want is to go, is to go away
Am CWanna come
Em Just lead the way
G I'll follow you everywhere
Am CI don't need a reason to be your friend
Em G I just love the way that you make me spin
AmOut of control
CI'm outta control
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