Carly Simon – Forever My Love tab

Left handed
Forever My Love - from Hotcakes - 1974

F     C   Am7
Words of love
F   C    Am7         F      Am7
Softly spoken like clouds above
D      G
Drift away
Bb            F
What shall I say?

    Gm7                    C
To let you know the way I feel
Gm7                                 C
Should I cry out loud that love is real?
A7    Dm    D   
Or simply reveal
Bbmaj7       Gm7
Forever my love

F           G        Am7
Time alone will tell us
F            C  Am7
Lovers born in May
           Dm7         Am7
May grow bitter and jealous
D          G
Faded and gray
Bb            F
What shall I say?

Gm7                       C
It's not another lovers game
      Gm7                   C
It doesn't seem to have a name
A7   Dm                     D
It changes and remains the same
Bbmaj7              Gm7
Forever my love, my love
C7 Dm
My love...

Em7                 Am7       D            G
Yesterday's projection will never really know
        Em             D            C
But tomorrow's recollection will surely show
        F    C    Am7  
It was so between us
F          C    Am7
Ain't no other way
Dm         Am7
Time has seen us
D          G
Day after day
Bb            F
What shall I say?

       Gm7               C
That isn't in the way I act
          Gm7               C
That'll carry through the years intact
A7             Dm                D
I'm lookin' forward to lookin' back
G                          Bb
From further on down the track
Together in fact
C7                    Dm
Forever my love, my love

D Bb  Gm7  

C7 Dm
My love... etc...
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