Carly Simon - Our First Day Together tab

Our First Day Together from Anticipation - 1971

Our first day together
Am7                   C
Was after we'd been close in dreams
Was after we'd shared hell and heaven
     A7       D       Dm     D 
And all the places inbetween
Em7     A7        Em7 
Um........ Um.........
A7                 D            
And all the places inbetween

After we'd spent nights together
And breathed secrets without words
After we'd made promises
Em7    A7                           D             
That could but might not have been heard
Em7     A7        Em7
Um.......... Um............
A7sus                 D
Might not have been heard

Eb                      Dmaj7
Knowing me the way you do
      G                D   G   Gmaj      G7           Am7
Then why did you just say that our first day together
      D     D6   Dmaj7
Was today?
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