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Carole King – Music chords

Music (Carole King)
This is in 6/8 time

Gmaj7   D11

Verse 1
Gmaj7 D11 Gmaj7 D11Music is playing inside my head
Gmaj7 D11 Gmaj7 D11Over and over and over again
Am7 D11 Gmaj7 D11My friend, there's no end to the music.
Chorus 1
Em7 Bm7 Am7 Bm7 Ah, summer is over, but the music keeps playing
C D Gmaj7 D11 And won't let the world get me down.
Sax Solo Verse 2 Pictures are forming inside my brain Soon with the colours they'll rain together and grow Then don't you know, don't you know there'll be music Chorus 2 Ah, it's not always easy, but the music keeps playing And won't let the world get me down Outro Music is playing inside my head. Chords Gmaj7 = Bm with a G Bass A11 = Em7 with an A Bass
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