Carole King - Growing Away From Me tab

Growing Away From Me Chords by Carole King, 

 "Growing Away From Me"
 Carole King
 From the album "Music" (1972)


 Db  Ebm7  (x2)


 Db             Ebm7
You've been my life to me

        Gbm7        Bbm7
My very soul and my heart

 Db                    Eb7
But lately something's come over you

         Gbm7       Bbm7  Bb7
And it's tearing me apart


 Ebm7                Gb/Ab
Darlin', I feel you growing away from me

More and more each day

 Gb/Ab                  Db
Whatever you want me to be, I'll be

      Gbm7           Ebm7    Gb/Ab     Db
If it keeps you from growing away from me

 Verse 2: ("Even though you say..")

 (Same Chords)

 Chorus 2:

 (Same Chords)

 Bridge: (Now in the key of E Major)

 E      A   F#m      B      E        A
Believe me, I would let you go if I could

F#m  B        E          B/D#           D     C#7
But  I don't know if it's worse being lonely

     F#m7                G#7
Than having you here in body only

 Verse 3: ("It's no use pretending..")

 (Same Chords as previous verses, back in the original key of Db Major)

 Chorus 3:

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