Intro: G Em

(G) You say that I'm never to keen to (Em) leave this place 
(G) You say that you never wanted to (Em) hit me in the face 

More than (C) right now ever (D) before 
but cant you (G) see that Im only (Em) alone 
casting (C) lines out to catches who can (D) swallow my presence 
and (G) pretend that they know what I know (Em)

so youre (C) going to town 
have to (D) open my mouth 
and (G) empty the contents (Em) onto the floor 
but if (C) Im ever supposed to 
ask (D) you take it out 
than Im (C) only several (D) inches from the (G) door 

(G) Hurry Hurry you say as Im (Em) tying my shoes
(G) Your hands nervous messed up as they were (Em) tying your shoes
and you (C) slipped up and had to (D) start new
Well I would (G) never say hurry up to (Em) you
But I won't (C) open my mouth or (D) get mad about it
Cuz that's (G) just something that I wouldn't (Em) do
But you've got to (C) open your mouth 
As youre (D) heading to town
And (G) empty the contents (Em) unto the floor
But if (C) I'm ever supposed to (D) ask you to take it out 
Then I'm (C) only several (D) inches from the (G) door

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