Caroline Smith And The Good Night Sleeps – Birch Trees And Broken Barns chords

I worked this tab out on the ukulele, since Caroline 
plays it on a ukulele. So technically, this is a ukulele 
tab, but I played it through on a guitar, and it sounds 
okay. I will give you specifics on both, just in case.


No capo, both uke and guitar are played open
Optionally, you can play guitar with capo on 5, only strumming strings 1-4 (bottom 
4 strings), and use the chords for the ukulele.

G: Uke: 0232 (regular)
Guitar: 320003 (regular)
C: Uke: 0003 (regular)
Guitar: x32010 (regular) C7M: (I believe this is the real name, but it could be C7) Uke: 0002 Guitar: 00023x
E: Uke: 4442
Guitar: 022100 (regular)
D: Uke: 2225 (this is important)
Guitar: xx0232 (sorry, you won't get that ring)
Intro: Uke: G---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2--2------3-------3-------3-------3----3--2-------2-------2-------2--------2-----------------------------------0-
Guitar: (play a higher G chord)---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7--3------8-------8-------8-------8----0--7-------7-------7-------7--------0-----------------------------------0-----------------------------------2-----------------------------------3-
G C C7M GIf we were kids again
C C7M Gwe'd hang out almost everyday
C C7M GRunning through woods at dawn
C C7M Gfinding the magic in things
C C7M GYou'd help me up the tree
C C7M Gholding me up to the top of the branches
C C7M GOpen your book to read
C C7M Ethe story that felt like we were already in
C G DWhere you're the king of the apple trees
E C G D In the orchard where I'd come to eat
G C C7M GWhere we'd pull the wings off bees
C C7M GTo build a bed in the top of the barn
C C7M GHumming through grass we'd sing
C C7M Eout in the fields with the wind in our ears
C G DWhere nights are long and in the day
E C you'd paint and I'd write about outer space
E C G D Where I'm the queen of the creek
E C G D and the banks where you come to drink
G C C7M GSwimming through birch and bark
C C7M Gtell you my secrets of how I can fly
C C7M GAnd I'll show you how tonight
C C7M Eover bread and some white wine on ice
C G DAnd I'll draw a bath and we'll cram in
E C G D And we'll write this story as we begin
And on the bus we're still living
E C G D in the pages of our book that we have written
E C G D And as if the wheels have turned to wings
E C G D Traveled back to our world filled with birch trees & broken barns
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