Carolyn Arends – Go With God tab

Go With God
By: Carolyn Arends

This song is a fairly easy song, only using simple chords. Stumming is very soft.

A   Asusp     A    open   Asusp


A                          Asus         A                    open       Asus
Farther the lands you have ever imagine Deeper than even the oceans of blue

A                  Asus                  A                        C
An open horizon is waiiting like morning Waking the dreamer who's living in 



C                  G            Ami          F           C
So now go with the wing at your back and the sun on your face

       G            Ami           F          C           G            Ami
With a song in your heart and the promise of grace Go in peace and in truth

        F              C   G       F   C  G    F
And let love lead your way Go With God Go With God

Verse 2:

A                         Asus              A                       G
Stronger than will in the soul of a fighter Higher than hope in the heart
 of a child

A                     Asus                      A              
There is a longing, a yearning inside us That's reaching for heaven and 

F        G
won't be denied

(Repeat Chorus)

(Guitar solo- keep playing chords: C-G-Ami-F for solo)

(Repeat Chorus and fade)
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