This Is Love tab with lyrics by Carpenter Mary Chapin - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Carpenter Mary Chapin – This Is Love tab

Key of C#
Capo 6th Fret

G      C   G                         D
It was you that reached down from heaven
G      C                G   D
It was me that wanted to know
C          G                D             G
I am your child and I can see it in your eyes
      C                                D
I'm cuaght in your grace, caught by surprise

G        C             G                D
This is love; this is how it's meant to be
G       C             G               D
I am loved, and this love has set me free
G        C                G         D
This is love; this is heaven's mystery
         G                 C               G                  D
Not that I have loved you first, but that you had first loved me

G        C  G                D
Tell me why you would pursue me
G       C             G              D
Tell me how I could deserve all you give
C        G               D                  G
I'm amazed that you had seen this heart of mine
     C                                         D
And you picked up my cross and laid down your life
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