Carpenters – Sometimes chords


There is an instrumental preamble to this song
These are the chords for the lyric part

Fmaj7 Gm7/FSometimes, not often enough
Fmaj9 Gm7/FWe reflect upon the good things
F C/E DmAnd those thoughts always center
F/C Bm7b5Around those we love
BbMaj7 Am7 DmAnd I think about those people
F/C Bb(add2) Am7 Gm9Who mean so much to me
Fmaj9 Gm7/FAnd for so many years have made me
Fmaj7So very happy
Bm7b5 C/Bb Dm/F Csus2/F Am7And I count the times I have forgot ten to say
Dm Gm9 Gm7/C C Fmaj9 Gm9/F Fmaj9Thank you, and just how much I love them
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