Carpenters – Solitaire chords

Solitaire by Carpenters


Intro: D

DThere was a man
E9A lonely man
A7 Dsus D Who lost his love through his indiff'rence
DA heart that cared
E9 that went unshared
A7 DUntil it died within
A7sus A7 his silence
Refrain 1
D D F#mAnd Solitaire's the only game in town
BmAnd every road that takes him,
Bm Bm7 takes him down
Em7While life goes on around him
A7(pause) everywhere
Dsus DJust playing solitaire
(Same chords)Refrain 1 Refrain 2 And keeping to himself, begins to deal And still the king of hearts is well-concealed Anothere losing game comes to an end And deals them out again
DA little hope
E9Goes up in smoke
A7Just how it goes,
Dsus D goes w/o saying
DThere was a man
E9A lonely man
A7Who would command the
D A7sus A7 hand he's playing.
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