Carrie Underwood – You Wont Find This chords

You Wont Find This
Carrie Underwood

Capo:  3rd Fret

Intro:  Em-Bm-A-G Em-Bm-A

Em Bm A G Did you check the tires, put gas in the car?
Em Bm I don't think you'll need too much,
A GCause you aint gonna get that far
Em Bm Did you pack the good times?
A G Dont forget a map
C Just incase the route you take, isn't there to take you back
GYou can hold any girl that you like
D/F#Fall in love when it's easy at night
EmBut you wake up wondering why
Bm AShe ain't ever something better
GWhen you're lost, and you've run out of road
D/F#Find what I already know
Bm A GIn the end close is all there is
Em-Bm-A-GBut you won't find this
Em-Bm-ANo you won't find this
(V2 Same chords as V1) There's once in a lifetime And there's once in a while And the difference between the two Is about a million miles Oh you might get lucky While the moon is looking on But in the truth of the morning, The stars will be long gone REPEAT CHORUS LEAD: (Bm-A-G) x2 REPEAT CHORUS TAG:
Bm A GOh in the end it's me your gonna miss
Em-Bm-A-G Em-Bm-ABut you won't find this
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