Carrie Underwood – Inside Your Heaven tab

Carrie Underwood
Tabbed by:young

This is my first tab. I'm not completey sure about this.. But it sounds pretty much close to the song. 


G C9 Em Am G/B D/F D2e|--3---3----3---3---3----3---2-------------|B|--3---3----3---3---3----3---3-------------|G|--0---0----0---2---0----2---2-------------|D|--0---2----2---2---0----0---0-------------|A|--2---3----2---0---2----x---x-------------|E|--3--------0------------2---2-------------|
INTRO: G – C9 (2x) G I’ve been down C9 Now I’m blessed G C9 I felt a revelation coming around Em C9 I guess it’s right, it’s so amazing G D/F C9 Everytime I see you I’m alive Em You’re all I’ve got C9 You lift me up Am - G/B The sun and the moonlight Am - G/B
e|----3-3---------------------3----------------------------------------------|B|----3-3---------------------3----------------------------------------------|G|----2-2--------0------------0----------------------------------------------|D|----2-2--------0------------0----------------------------------------------|A|----0-2--------0------------2----------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|Fig. 1
C9 D/F – D2 All my dreams are in your eyes CHORUS: G C9 I wanna be inside your heaven Am – G/B (Fig.1) Take me to the place you cry from C9 D/F – D2 Where the storm blows your way G C9 And I wanna be the earth that holds you Am - Every bit of air you’re breathing in G/B (Fig.1) A soothing wind C9 D/F G I wanna be inside your heaven G – C9 pause G When we touch C9 When we love G C9 The stars light up, the wrong becomes undone Em C9 Naturally, my soul surrenders Am - G/B (Fig.1) The sun and the moonlight C9 D/F All my dreams are in your eyes Em D2 When minutes turn to days and years G Am If mountains fall I’d still be here Em D2 Am Holding you until the day I die
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