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Cars – Its All I Can Do tab

It's All I Can Do - The Cars

Chord Shapes: G=(3,2,0,0,3,3) G(in chorus)=(3,2,0,0,0,3) D/F#=(2,0,0,2,3,2)
Intro: [G] [F] [D/F#] x4
One [G] too many times, [F] [D/F#]
I [G] fell over you. [F] [D/F#]
[G] Once in a shadow, [F] [D/F#]
I [G] finally grew. [F] [D/F#]

And [G] once in a night, [F] [D/F#]
I [G] dreamed you were there. [F] [D/F#]
I [G] cancelled my flight, [F] [D/F#]
From [G] going nowhere. [F] [D/F#]

It's [C] all I can [G] do, [D]
To keep [C] waiting for [G] you. [D]
It's [C] all I can [G] do, [D]
It's [C] all I can [G] do. [D] [2:] [D]

One [G] too many times, [F] [D/F#]
I [G] twisted the gate. [F] [D/F#]
[G] When I was crazy, [F] [D/F#]
I [G] thought you were great. [F] [D/F#]

I [G] kept my renditions, [F] [D/F#]
Of [G] you on the wall. [F] [D/F#]
Where [G] holiday romance, [F] [D/F#]
Is [G] nothing at all. [F] [D/F#]

Interlude: (guitar solo with chorus chords)
You [G] wait in the wing, [F] [D/F#]
Like a [G] saturday flirt. [F] [D/F#]
Pro- [G] tecting the judge, [F] [D/F#]
You [G] don't want to get hurt. [F] [D/F#]

And [G] once in a moment, [F] [D/F#]
It [G] all comes to you. [F] [D/F#]
As [G] soon as you get it, [F] [D/F#]
You [G] want something new. [F] [D/F#]

Chorus x3 (fade)
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