Cartel – Lets Go tab

Crazy good song.  I'll do my best to accurately transcribe it here..

The song is in the key of E

Opening Lick:

e|-0-0-0-0-0--0-0-0--0-0-0-0---0-0------|B|-0-0-0-0-0--7-7-7--0-0-0-0---0-0------|G|-8-9-9-9-9--9-9-9--8-8-8-8h9-9-9------| This repeats multiple timesD|-9-9-9-9-9--9-9-9--9-9-9-9---9-9------| throughout the song with varyingA|-9-7-7-7-7--7-7-7--9-9-9-7---7-7------| strum patterns, but the notes are E|-0-0-0-0-0--0-0-0--0-0-0-0---0-0------| the same.
This continues through the opening lines Verse 1 E) Let me reintroduce myself- as a man with a casue I've got alot of time to think and look at who we are And I've got nothing left to say
(Guitar 2 Lick)e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-9-----------------|D|-11--14-14-14------|A|-11--14-14-14------|E|-9---12-12-12------|
But we've got to carry on And I've got so much left to do - but I'll start with this song
(guitar 2 lick) A C#m Be|------------|B|-------4----|G|-6--4--4----|D|-7--6--4----|A|-7--4--2----|E|-5--0--0----|
Chorus: (These are loosely based chords, in reality they jump around alot and stop by in progressions) Play below chords like this
E A C#m B E(2)e|-0----0----0----0---0---|B|-0----0----0----0---0---|G|-1----2----4----8---9---|D|-2----2----6----9---9---|A|-2----0----4----9---7---|E|-0---------0----7---0---|
E A C#m B Why do they lie? Why can't you see? E2 A C#m B Get up everybody, stand up with me E2 A C#m B Let's Go Everybody Let's Go, Stand up with me! Let's Go Everybody Let's Go, Stand up with me! Let's Go Take the world with me (Guitar 2 built into Chorus during third "Let's Go")
e|------------------|B|-7-9-7-9-10-10----|G|-9-9-9-9-9--9-----|D|-9-9-9-9-9--9-----| x4 (descending on last time)A|-7-7-7-7-7--7-----|E|------------------|
Verse 2
e|-------------|B|-------------|G|--4-9-9-9----|D|--6-9-9-9----|A|--4-7-7-7----|E|--0-0-0-0----|(D, D, U, D)
(2nd verse mostly drums + above riff) You've got something on your mind - But you get in your way Don't sell out tomorrow, You better not change today (Original guitar part enters in again) All we have is who we are - And all we know is pretending You gotta think of something real - Say, the life we're spending REPEAT CHORUS So if you've got a torch to carry Hold it high! Take the world with me Let it burn, let it burn, let it light up the sky Bridge with riff below throughout:
(Guitar 2)e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-9-----------------|D|-11--14-14-14------|A|-11--14-14-14------|E|-9---12-12-12------|
Stand up! Yeah, let's go Stand up! You've gotta let them know Stand up! You've gotta make them see Get up people! Stand up with me! annnd chorus repeats once more and its over!
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