Carter Family – Can The Circle Be Unbroken tab

                Can the Circle be Unbroken - The Carter Family

This tab is for the song "Can the Circle be Unbroken" as
played by the Carter Family on disc 6 of the In the Shadow
of Clinch Mountain boxset. Listen to the song for the stumming
between the melody notes in the instrumental break.  There
is also a second instrumental break later in the song which is
quite close to the second part of the break I tabbed out.

The song is in the Key of Ab on the album, so capo your guitar
on the first fret to play along.

Tuning: Standard (Capo on first fret)

(Instrumental Break)

G e|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------|A|---------------2-0---0h2-2--2-0---0--------------|E|---0-2-3-3-3-------3------------3---3-0--3-3-3---|
G D Ge|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------|D|------------------0------------------------------|A|--------------2-3---0h2-2-----0-2---------0------|E|--0-2-3-3-3-----------------3-----3--0h2----3----|
G C G I was standing by the window On one cold and cloudy day D G And I saw the hearse come rolling for to carry my mother away G C G Can the circle be unbroken by and by, Lord, by and by D G There's a better home a-waiting in the sky, Lord, in the sky Lord, I told the undertaker Undertaker, please drive slow For this body you are hauling How I hate to see her go I followed close beside her Tried to hold up and be brave But I could not hide my sorrow When they laid her in the grave Went back home Lord my home was lonesome Missed my mother she was gone All my brothers sisters crying What a home so sad and 'lone
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