Carter Usm - God Saint Peter And The Guardian Angel chords


Guitar Chords requested by Skin
I'd just like to say that this one was a bugger to work out and I hope you don't 
have too much trouble following it.

A/Ab/A/Ab/A/Ab/A/A x 2 

A Kids are playing gangster wars
C# They don't believe in Santa Claus
D The baseball bats are soft of course
E The blood is just tomato sauce
A As icebergs go it's just the tip
C# The start of the apprenticeship
D A short sharp Glasgow kiss me quick
E Karate chop and Kung Fu kick
A And in the wings the grannies wait
C# doing things that grannies hate
D Queuing to accumulate
E A pittance from the welfare state
A Then back home on a forty four
C# Put the chain on, lock the door
D Cross another five bar gate
E Sit and wait
A F#m Don't open the door
B Don't talk to strangers
G You've not met before
A Your guardian angel
F#m Will watch over you
B If your guardian angel
G Has got nothing to do
A In space no one can hear you scream
C# Because no one's really listening
D Saint Peter's got his gates to clean
E F# E And God's too busy saving queens
A To ever get down off the fence
C# And give the meek their inheritance
D So it's only common sense
E F#E To get yourself some self defence
(CHORUS) Same chords as first chorus except last chord is E B C# Eb F# F#/Eb/F# x 2 (CHORUS)
B Abm Don't open the door
C# Don't talk to strangers
A You've not met before
B Your guardian angel
Abm Will watch over you
C# If your guardian angel
F# Has got nothing to do
C# And so we leave this nusery rhyme
F This grizzly gruesome pantomime
F# From the cradle to a life of crime
And back again
Eb Bb Eb And now it's time
C# Eb F# Eb Eb/Bb/Eb To say goodbye
C#/C/ C#/C/C#/C/C# C# x 3
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