Cary Brothers - Think Awhile chords

Cary Brothers - Think Awhile Lyrics - Album - Who You Are

No Capo

This song can also be played with a capo on the 5th fret using D and G in the 
verses and C and G in the chorus.

Intro: G, C x5 Hammer on G string while changing to C chord.

1st Verse:
G CI'm tired of hearin' everything you say
G CIt's rolling off your tongue across my face
G CIt seems the time to leave
G CIt seems we tried
1st Chorus:
F CWhat's the use in talking?
F CI think I'm gonna go for a walk and think
G CAwhile
G C F CAnd think awhile
2nd Verse:
G CYou know my love is real, it's not your game
G CAn honest feather tickling at your fate
G CI told you I would leave
G CI even cried
2nd Chorus:
F CAnd did you think that I was joking?
F C I think I'm gonna go for a smoke and think
G C Awhile
G CAnd think awhile
Bridge: (Drums come in)
G C FDon't raise your voice to me
C GCause you know you lost that right a long time ago
C FAnd if I could make you believe
CAnd trust me
F CWhat's the use in trusting?
F C GI think I'm gonna catch the last bus and think
G CAnd think awhile
G CAnd think awhile
G CAnd think awhile
Outro: G, C x4 End on C.
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