Cascades - Theres A Reason chords

ARTIST: The Cascades

Intro:  C Am  (2x)

C AmThere's a reason for a snowfall,
C AmA reason why a tree's tall,
C Am C-C7A reason why a star is bright.
F DmA reason why the moon glows,
C DmA reason why the wind blows,
C Am CA reason why it's dark at night.
G F But I don't know why I should cry
G F Just because you said goodbye
C Am Dm(7) There must be a reason,
G C I’d like to know why.
Am Dm(7) G Oh why, oh I’d like to know
C AmThere's a reason for a sunbeam,
C AmA reason for a daydream,
C Am C-C7A reason why the desert's dry.
F Dm A reason why a stream falls,
F DmA reason why there's rainbows,
C Am CA reason for a cloudy sky.
(Repeat Chorus Except Last 2 Lines)
G C-F-C-C7I'd like to know why.
F EmThere was a time when I could smile,
F Em We'd sit and talk of us awhile,
F EmTimes I never got your love
D G FAnd thanked my lucky stars above
(Repeat 1st Stanza & Chorus) CODA: (FADE)
C Am Dm(7)There must be a reason,
G CI'd like to know why (why, oh,
Am Dm(7) (G) why, why I'd like to know).
G C-Am-Dm(7)Please tell me why,
G C-Am-Dm(7)-G-I wanna know why…
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