Cascades - Punch And Judy chords


Intro: E-A-B-

E Gbm B EEverybody laughs to see, Judy bein’ mean to me
Eaug AEverybody here in town
Gbm BKnows that I’m just Judy’s clown.
Chorus 1:
E Oh, ev’ry place we ever go,
C#m Ev’rybody seems to know,
A Well, they know we’re just
B E A B A Punch and Judy show.
B GbmJudy makes a fool of me,
B EWhy can’t she just let me be?
Eaug AEven though I know the score,
Gbm BI keep comin’ back for more,
(Repeat Chorus 1 Except Last Word)
E A (Punch and Judy show)
A B G#m C#mI wish I knew why she acts this way,
A B E-E7-We’re like puppets in a play.
A B G#m C#7Judy plays that bein’ cruel
Gbm B CWhile I must act the happy fool, happy fool.
F GmThough I smile, it hurts inside,
C FEven puppets have some pride.
Faug BbI would leave her if I could
Gm CIf my heart were made of wood.
Chorus 2:
F So ev’ryday we’ll give our show,
Dm And it always hurts me so.
Bb C Yes, well always be, a Punch and Judy...
Bb C FAlways be a Punch and Judy show
Bb C(Punch and Judy show),
F Bb CPunch and Judy show (Punch and Judy show). 2x
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