Casey Donahew Band - Ask Me To Stay tab

Casey Donahew Band
Ask Me To Stay


E  B  A  E (X2)

 E         B            A         E
There's a secret on the telephone tonight

 E           B               A         E
She calls me baby when she's lonely

 E            B           A                   E
It drives me crazy, but I just can't turn her loose

 E            B                 A             
I've grown accustomed to these years of self abuse


 E         B          A
And if you ask me to stay,

I wont ever go

 E      B        A
We can talk all night,

There's some things you should know

 E         B          A
This could be for all time

            B                 C#m
And you can still change your mind

But if you ask me to stay

   I wont ever go

Repeat Intro

She smells like whiskey, and she's drunk again
I'd be surprised if she remembers where she's been
And all this passion, is it love or luck
We talk in circles but forever's undiscussed



(Repeat Intro once, build-up on B chord...)

...But you dont know



E  B  A  E (X2)
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