Casey Donahew Band - Back Home In Texas chords version 1

Back Home In Texas - Casey Donahew Band
Tabbed by Pat York - guitarp11

B  F#  A  B
B  F#  E

B F# A BI went up to New York City, well its a Yankee pity
B F# EThose crazy bastards don't have a clue
I went down to Tennesee, Rocky Top I had to see But I left there because the corn won't grow I went down to New Orleans, let me tell you 'bout that scene Well I got drunk on Bourbon Street CHORUS:
B F# A BAnd I been up all night sippin' on whiskey drinkin' beer
B F# EA-back home in Texas wouldn't live anywhere but here
B F# A BThinkin' 'bout all those nights I spent so far away
B F# E EBut I'm back home in Texas and this is where I'm goona stay
I went out to California, my friends I have to warn yuh They got a kick-ass drink out there And Las Vegas took all my money, didn't think that it was funny I lost two grand but I got drunk In Colorado seekin' gold, snow it gets real old Its hard to ski in cowboy boots [Chorus] Oklahoma's near, but its not home I fear Got a better view from the south And Mexico's too hot, don't think that its my spot Never heard of Shiner Bar [Chorus]
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