Cash Johnny - Rowboat tab

Intro:  Hit an open D string and strum D a few times, repeat twice.

Verses:  The chords are as follows:  A E G D Strike the low 
string of  each chord once before strumming a few times.  Timing is as 

A      E      G              D
Row----boat,   row me to the shore
A      E              G               D
She----don't, want to be my friend no more

Chorus:  Hold strumming the last D chord from the end of the verse then 
go into a C G D  until the last line which changes to a 
D Am C D

C       G                  D
Pick me up--, give me some food to eat
C       G                    D
In your truck--, playing the radio
C       G                  D
I'll be home--, talking to nobody
D         Am      C                 D
You'll be strange,   you'll be far away
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