Cashman Tom – Look Away tab

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 01:58:56 -0400
Subject: Look Away by  Tom Cashman

Verses and Chorus Emaj -- A5  pretty simple but I play around with it.
This song is a1st  person perspective of a homeless man who lost it all.

Look Away
You think your life is so hard
Wont you try to walk in my shoes
I'd like to see you sleep beneath where the
Midnight train runs through
I'm down to my last cigarette as I
Think about the life I used to have
Only bridge back to the past is a picture of 
My wife when we were young
Still I dont know where I went wrong
There's a snow on the ground as I
Make my way back to the street
I see you walkin down towards me with a 
Girl with a diamond ring
You turn your head not to look at me
But in the back of your mind I'm right there
You give your girl a kiss like you
Didn't see a thing
Still I dont know where I went wrong
Don't look away from me
Cause Im right there beside you 
Stop wishing me away
Just because I can do you no good

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