Cass Mccombs - My Sister My Spouse chords

Dm GMy sister, my spouse
Dm GAre you comfortable with these words?
E Am Am/G To me, they still seem to jingle
D/F# Flike a pair of a badman's spurs
My sister, my spouse you're burning at both ends I said, "Is there a fire on the mountain?" You replied, "Well, that all depends." You know, our parent's heroes are all movie actors Necks tilted up to the angel of light I can admit to the same allure They say movies deal with archetypes You know I'll try on any mask Brother, Son, Husband A separate face for separate tasks Death-card, Scorpio, Little devil Villain is obviously most fun Singer, Poet, Publicman Well, easier said than done
Do-nothing, Roop-scoop, MoochHell, I can take itLoyal friend and confidentHoney, i could never fake it
"My sister, my spouse": Rules of engagement! You've been working so hard We need a change, I can take a hint Write down on these tears of newspaper words you would like to see disappear Let ash fly above the rusty stovetop I'm going to start with the word "sincere" My sister, my spouse
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