Cass Mccombs – Harmonia chords

Cass McCombs - Harmonia

  "Con especial dedicatoria a mi amigo, que digo amigo, hermano Earvin Alonso
   Medina, que siempre a estado tanto en las buenas como en las malas, por tu
   amistad esta hermosa cancion, gracias!"

Intro: B

E Friend of mine
D#m let me show you
E how the days in-between
B have become so few
E Friend of mine
D#m G#m united by dream
E make me a part of you
B and I will you of me
E Friend of mine, forever
D#m let us travel high
E to understand not only
B the how but the why
E friend of mine
D#m G#m fades to black
E does this belong to you?
B I pull the knife from my back
Solo: E - D#m - E - B - E - D#m - G#m - E - B x2
E D#m I lept from the cliff into the pool
E of Jersey river water Jersey river water
B The silly sideburn began its effects
E D#m G#m I smashed my arm and my leg on the rock going down
E but when I rose from the depths, and nearly death
B what a friendly world I found
F# B A friend friend friend friend is the end friend of mine
Final: F# - B
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