Cassie Steele - Mr Colson Acoustic chords

Mr. Colson by Cassie Steele
Tabbed by ariestrash

Okay, so this is from an acoustic performance of hers. The verses with the A#m is 
very rhythmic. You pretty much start off with just a barred chord on the 6th fret 
(strum 3 beats down) then add in the other fingers to get A#m (strum 3 beats 
down), then take them off again, then add them on again...etc. But just for the 
A#m, in both verses.

An adjusted F is played in the bridge, I've named it Fadj, cause I don't know the 
actual name of the chord. And it would be this:

Fadj --- 012300

Other than that...yeah. This is my first tab ever. oh! and there's an intro, but I 
just couldn't get it, but you don't really need it, I don't think. But if you can 
get that intro (its the same as the recorded version of the intro), hit me up. I'd 
really like to know how to play it! :)


A#m A#m A#m A#mAin't nobody like you I ever met before now
D#m DmTake a normal picture of life and you
A#mYou mess it around
A#m A#m A#m A#mYou're just so complicated I wanna figure you out
D#m DmWanna write you on paper so I can
A#mSing your song by mouth
G F#mBut more than 'I', you are confused
A#m AYou don't know why your head's unscrewed
G F#mMaybe one day you'll unbury the truth
A#m ABefore you get too jaded and then you can't take it
G F#m A#mI am good for you
G F#m A#mI know what you like and I like the same things that you do
G F#m A#mLet me inside you
G F#m A#m AIf you just open then we'd be rollin' in happiness Mr. Colson
G F#m EmBut let me love you
[same as above] It's all about you Don't care 'bout nobody else Wanna break your mirror down The world is more than yourself You live half your life And you fake the rest I fell for the hero you showed me Cause you had past success But more than you, I am confused You never care 'bout when I'm blue Call me your girl and I'll call myself 'fool' But I'll still protect you from what's against you I was good for you I know what you believe an I see the same way as you do But you closed me out of you If you just open Then we'd be rollin' in happiness Mr. Colson But let me love you
Em Fadj F#m If I can't have it
A#m AWon't waste my time grabbin'
Fadj F#mWrote you down, rabid
A#m ANever took you for granted
Fadj F#mI was inspired
A#m AYes, I'm pleased with my mind's work
Fadj F#mI'll sleep when I'm tired
A#m FadjCause you started a fire
G F#mAnd now I can laugh
A#m ACause I open and grab
G F#mSomething you'll never have
A#m AYeah, now I can laugh
G F#m A#mI was good for you
G F#m A#mBut it's good thing that I didn't sink for a fool
G F#m A#mYou were just my muse
G F#m A#m AI got so much story, nothing can hold me 'til I find a new man
G F#m A#mThat's broken like Mr. Colson
That's broken like Mr. Colson That's broken like Mr. Colson, yeah
G (hold)Why'd you have to break me?
F#m EmOh, Mr. Colson
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