Cast Iron Hike - Let Me Down tab

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Artist: Cast Iron Hike
Song: Let Me Down
Transcribed by: Lars Ekman (

Tune down the E-string to D. (Drop-D tuning.)

p = palm mute
/ = slide
b = bend
~ = the previous tone alot of times

Riff 1:E ----------------------------B ----------------------------G ----------------------------D ----------------------------A --0-7-0--6--5--2--3--10--9--D --0-7-0--6--5--2--3--10--9-- p b p
Riff 2:E ----------------B ----------------G ----------------D ----------------A --0-~--3--6--2--D --0-~--3--6--2-- p
Riff 3:E --------------------------------------------B --------------------------------------------G --------------------------------11--(9/11)--D --12-------12-------9/11--------10--(8/10)--A --11--0-~--11--0-~--7/9----0-~--9---(7/9-)-- D ------0-~------0-~---------0-~--------------
The parenthesis is only played on some instances.
Riff 4 (guitar 1):E -----------------------------B -----------------------------G --7-~------------------------D --6-~--12~-------------------A --5-~--11~----------1-----0--D --------------------1-----0--
Riff 4 (guitar 2):E -----------------------------B -----------------------------G --7-~------------------------D --6-~------------------------A --5-~--5-0-5-0-5-0--1-----0--D --------------------1-----0--
Some of the riffs come again totally or partly palm-muted. Listen to the CD to figure things out.
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