Cast – Alien tab

This is a version of "Alien" by the band 'Cast'.
Written by John Power, track 7 on the album "Magic Hour" (1999)

This is merely an interpretation. It sounds almost perfect but I don't think it is 
100%, either way it does me fine.

In the verse it's important to move the 3rd string up to the 4th fret when strumming the 
If you listen to the song you should be able to gather what I mean.

Capo on 4th fret, all chords are relative to the capo.

E    - 022100
G    - 320000
Asus - 002200
F#m  - 244222
A    - 577655
B    - either 224442 or 799877
C#m  - 446654
G#   - 466544

Verse 1
E                         G                        Asus
Take the knowledge away, suck the breath from the clay
E                              G                           Asus
Break the bone to the ground, leave the soul where it's found
Asus (strike the chord twice then back to E)
Lead the soul where it's bound

Verse 2
E                            G                    Asus
Through the passage of time, one day soon to arrive
E                        G                     Asus
Silver bird in the sky, leave this world all behind
Asus                      E
Leave this world all behind

Fm#     A         E     B
Taking over the world
Fm#             A          E        B
They're taking over our world x2

(Play the verse chords once, then the singing begins again)
Verse 3
E                         G                      Asus
Looking out from inside, when you see what you find
E                          G                   Asus
Out of sight out of mind, meet the seed of mankind
Meet the seed of mankind


Cm#         G#         A                 E
Higher and Higher, spiralling through the sky
Cm#           G#            A              E
Vertially rising through a white wall of space
Cm#             G#           A              E
It's Further and further, pushing on through the clouds
Cm#           G#      A            E
Perfect response to falling from grace

             A                E
No need to look for you are found,
           A                 E
Need to speak I hear the sound
On the street


(Chords are the same as for the break (above))

Chorus x2

E                       G        Asus
                                         Now you're learning to

And it ends on E
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