Casting Crowns – Prodigal tab

PRODIGAL – Casting Crowns
Tabbed by: Kengus

Ok, so this isn't dead on (at least not the intro), but sounds close
and good enough when playing the chords. The guitar is picking the whole
song through I think, but these chords work just as well. See what you
think. It could be in another tuning as well, may be half step down? 

Standard tuning

INTRO, something like thise|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------5-----------------------------7--------------------------------|G|-----6---6----------6-------6------9-------9------8---8h9p8p6-6-------|D|---6-------7-----7----7----------9-------9------9---9-----------9-----|A|-4-------------7--------7------7-------7------6-----------------------|E|-------------5------------5-------------------------------------------|
VERSE1 C#m (x46650) Asus2 Living on my own, thinking for myself E Bsus4 (x24400) Castles in the sand, temporary wealth C#m Asus2 The walls are falling down, the storms are closing in E Bsus4 And tears have filled my eyes, here I am again PRE-CHORUS C#m Asus2 E Bsus4 And I've held out as long as I can C#m Asus2 E Bsus4 Now I'm letting go and holding out my hand CHORUS C#m Asus2 Daddy, here I am again E Bsus4 Will You take me back tonight C#m Asus2 I went and made the world my friend E Bsus4 And it left me high and dry Asus2 C#m I drag Your name back through the mud Bsus4 F#m11 (244200) That You first found me in Asus2 C#m Not worthy to be called Your son Bsus4 F#m11 Is this to be my end C#m Asus2 Daddy, here I am E Bsus4 Here I am again C#m Asus2 E Bsus4 VERSE2 (with drums, guitar picking in background) C#m Curse this morning sun Asus2 Drags me in to one more day E Of reaping what I've sown Bsus4 Of living with my shame C#m Welcome to my world Asus2 And the life that I have made E Where one day you're a prince Bsus4 The next day you're a slave PRE-CHORUS (same as before) CHORUS PRE-CHORUS CHORUS fade out ====================================================================
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