Casting Crowns – Sweet Little Jesus Boy chords ver. 2

capo 1
Verse 1
D Bm A DSweet Little Jesus Boy, born in a Manger.
D Bm Em A7 DSweet Little Holy Child, we Didn't Know who you were.
D Bm A DLong time ago it seems, you were born
D Bm Em A7 DBorn in a manger Lord, sweet little Jesus boy
Chorus 1
A Bm Em D/F#m GDidn't know you'd come to save us Lord, to take our sins away.
D Bm Our eyes were blind, We did not see,
Em A7 D We didn't know who you were
Verse 2
D Bm A DYou have shown us how, we were trying
D Bm Em A7 DMaster You have shown us how, Even as You were dying
Chorus 2
A Bm Em D/F#m GThis world treats You mean Lord, Treats me mean too
D Bm But that's how things are done down here,
Em A7 D We didn't know it was You
Repeat Chorus 1
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