Casting Crowns - Your Love Is Extravagant tab version 3

Song Title: You love is extravagant
Artist: Casting Crowns
Tabbed by: Emmanuel A. Castillo

Verse: E A C#m-B E-A C#m-B Your love is extravagant E A C#m-B E A C#m-B Your friendship is intimate E A I feel like I am moving to the C#m B rhythm of Your grace E A Your fragrance is intoxicating C#m B in our secret place E A C#m-B E-A C#m-B Your love is extravagant Chorus: B C#m A Spread wide in the arms of Christ B its the love that covers sin B C#m A No greater love have I ever known B You considered me a friend INTRO You capture my heart again
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