Casting Crowns - Courageous chords version 1

Song: Courageous
By: Casting Crowns
Album: Come To The Well (Scheduled to be released late 2011. Date not yet set.)
Theme Song from the upcoming movie "Courageous: Honor Begins at Home"
Submitted by: Nicholas Zamora

Note: This is the first time I have ever submitted any sort of tab to any website.  I 
probably never will again but there are some lyrics that have been
posted on the web that are incorrect and as my church prepared to do this song there 
were no tabs available.  As far as I can find this is the
first chord sheet or tab for this song on the web.  In the bridge most lyrics online 
state "Walk on. Be with your God".
However, we believe the lyrics actually are "Walk humbly with your God". Check it out 
for yourself.

F#m7We were made to be courageous
DWe were made to lead the way
Asus2We could be the generation
E (hold)the finally breaks the chains
Chorus 1:
D Asus2 F#m7 EWe were made to be courageous
D Asus2 E (hold)We were made to be courageous
Verse 1:
F#m7We were warriors on the front lines
DStanding, unafraid
Asus2But now were watchers on the sidelines
EWhile our families slip away
F#m7Where are you men of courage?
DYou were made for so much more
Asus2Let the pounding of our hearts cry
EWe will serve the Lord
Chorus 2:
D We were made to be courageous
Asus2 EAnd were taking back the fight
DWe were made to be courageous
F#m7 Asus2And it starts with us tonight
D Asus2The only way we’ll ever stand
F#m7 EIs on our knees, we’re lifting hands
D Asus2 F#m7Make us courageous
E D Asus2 E (hold)Lord, make us courageous
Verse 1: This is our resolution Our answer to the call We will love our wives and children We refuse to let them fall We will reignite the passion That we buried deep inside May the watchers become warriors Let the men of God arise Instrumental: D Asus2 F#m7 E D Asus2 F#m7 E Bridge 1
D Asus2 F#m7 ESeek justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with your God.
D Asus2 F#m7 ESeek justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with your God.
Bridge 2 In the war of the mind I will make my stand In the battle of the heart and the battle of the hand
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