Casting Crowns – Wedding Day chords

Wedding Day by Casting Crowns (Capo 1)

Intro – C     Gm     F

[VERSE 1:]
CThere’s a stirring in the throne room
Gm FAnd all creation holds its breath
CWaiting now to see the bride groom
Gm FWondering how the bride will dress
C Gm-FAnd she wears white
[VERSE 2:]
CAnd she knows that she’s undeserving
Gm FShe bears the shame of history
CBut this worn and weary maiden
Gm FIs not the bride that He sees
Am FAnd she wears white, head to toe
Am GBut only He could make it so
AmWhen someone dries your tears
FWhen someone wins your heart
CAnd says your beautiful
GWhen you don’t know you are
AmAnd all you’ve longed to see
FIs written on His face
Dm FWhen love has come and finally set you free
C AmOn that wedding day
F COn that wedding day
[VERSE 3:]
CShe has danced in golden castles
Gm FAnd she has crawled through beggar’s dust
CBut today she stands before Him
Gm FAnd she wears His righteousness
Am FShe will be who He adores
Am GThis is what He made her for
CWhen the hand that bears the only scars
And heaven touch her face
FAnd the last tears she’ll ever cry
Are finally wiped away
AmAnd the clouds roll back as He takes her hand
GAnd walks her through the gates
FForever we will reign
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