Casting Crowns – Follow Me chords

Capo on 3rd 

This is from Casting Crown's new album "Thrive". It's about as accurate as it gets 
:) Please comment for any changes you think are needed. God Bless and enjoy! 

Intro: C G C G 2x 

C G At the end of myself
C G I am empty and dry
C G I have nothing to give
D G But surrender inside
C G Let down your nets
C G This is not the end
C G From now on, you'll be
D G Fishers of men
C GFollow Me
C GFollow Me
C GFollow Me
D G Follow Me
C GAt the end of myself
C GJudgement calls out my name
C GI've been looking for love
D GBut I'm swallowed by shame
C G Throw away all your stones
C G Find forgiveness in Me
C G Let Me be your new passion
D G My daughter, you're free!
Chorus again
C GAt the end of myself
C G I've done things my own way
C GThis world gave up on me
D G Now it's death I do pay
C GYou know who I am
C GI'm sin's sacrifice
C GToday you will be
D G In paradise
Chorus again
Am F G Who is this man who calmed the seas
Am F D And who is this man who loves the least of these?
C GI am the promised One
C GGod gave His only Son
Am And those who believe
D G Will live eternally
C G At the end of yourself, just follow Me
C G When you lose everything, just follow Me
C G I will give you new life, just follow Me
D G Follow Me
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