Casualties – Societys Fodder tab

Casualties - Society's Fodder
Submitted By: Rafael Rivera


intro(let ring) 1|-------------------------------|2|-------------------------------|3|-------------------(9)---------|4|-9-----5-----7----9(9)9--12--11|5|-9-----5-----7----9---9--12--11|6|-7-----3-----5----7---7--10---9|
the verse is the same except that you dont let it ring and u dont play the () Chorus
1-------------------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------------3-------------------------------------------------4--7-7-7-7--11-11-11-11--12-12-12-12---11-11-11-115--7-7-7-7--11-11-11-11--12-12-12-12---11-11-11-116--5-5-5-5--9-9-9-9--9---10-10-10-10---9--9--9--9well thats all there really is. the rest its all repeating everything.whatever may not b tabbed its cuz you should b able to figure it out.
so, if u have any questions or anything bout he tab or whatever u can find me at but in the msn instant messenger, dont try e-mailing me cuz i wount recive the e-mail. so...........l8er!
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