Casualties – Authority Is Dead tab

Song: Authority is Dead, by the Casualties Transcribed by: Durr

Alright guys, this is the whole song to Authority is Dead.
No one would post it on here, so i had to get my lazy ass up 
and do it myself.  Well here it goes:

Standard tuning (low to high): E A D G B E    /=slide *=let ring

Intro Part 2:e|----------------B|----------------G|----------7--9--D|---9(x4)--7--9--A|---9------5--7--E|---7------------
And Intro Part 2 ends with:e|--------------------B|--------------------G|----------7--9---9(strum this last chord down slowly)D|---9(x4)--7--9---9--A|---9------5--7---7--E|---7----------------
Chorus Part 2:e|----------------B|----------------G|----------------D|---7(x5)--7--9--A|---7------7--9--E|---5------5--7--
Bridge Part 2:e|--------------------B|--------------------G|----------7--9---9(strum this last chord down slowly)D|---7(x4)--7--9---7--A|---7------5--7---7--E|---5----------------
And the line up is: Intro: x1 Intro Pt.2: x2 End of Intro Pt. 2: x1 Verse: x4 Chorus: x3 Chorus Pt.2: x1 Verse: x4 Chorus: x3 Chorus Pt.2: x1 Verse: x4 Bridge: x2 Bridge Pt.2: x1 Verse: x4 Chorus: x3 Chorus Pt.2: x1 Verse: x4 (to play it right just listen to the rythem, its not hard) Bridge: x2 Bridge Pt.2: x1 And thats the whole song. The song is not hard, trust me, if you think your doing it wrong, listen to the rythem. If your still playing it wrong, then i probably effed up on this. Any questions, comments, hatemail, viruses,or porn, email me at
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