Casualties - Fourty Ounce Casualty tab

40 oz. casualty
the casualties
tabbed by justin cloud

im 100% positive this is correct

riff1(played in the intro[after the bass riff] and in parts of the verse)E|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|-77-99-----------------|A|-55-77-77-99-----------|E|-------55-77-----------|
riff2 (played in the verse)E|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|-77----------77-9------|A|-55-77-99-77-55-7-77---|E|----55-77-55------55---|
40 oz casualty part riffE|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|--------------------------|D|4444-7777-999-1010-9-10-9-|A|4444-7777-999-1010-9-10-9-|E|2222-5555-777--8-8-7--8-7-|
thats itumm listen to the song for when u switch verse riffs. i am 100% positive this is correct.
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