Cat Power – Love And Communication Acoustic tab

This is the acoustic version of the song, it's totally different from the normal one... 
it's cute.

Intro: (This is a sort of a general tab for the intro) C Am F Ge|----------------------------------|b|-----1-------1p------1-------3----|g|---0---0---2---0----2-2----0---0--|d|----------------------------------|a|--3--3----0--0--------------------|E|------------------1--1----3--3----|
e|-------------------------------------|b|-----3-1-----1p------1-------3-/5----|g|---0-------2---0----2-2----0---------|d|-------------------------------------|a|--3--3----0--0-----------------------|E|------------------1--1----3--3-------|After sliding to 5 go back quickly to the C chord and so on...
Keep going with the same chords with a few variatons, listen for it... but basically the song is C, Am, F, and G Tabbed by Luciana Echarren je
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