Cat Power - Sea Of Love chords version 1

			     SEA OF LOVE - Cat Power
Tabbed by:TheKidGuitar

There are a few ways to play this song. B, Eb7, E and C Sharp are good without a capo. 
This is more for seasoned players. For beginners, I suggest you play like this:

Capo: 4


G D Em A7e|-3-3--2-2--0-0--0-0-----|B|-3-3--3-3--0-0--2-2-----|G|-0-0--2-2--0-0--0-0-----|D|-0-0--0-0--2-2--2-2-----|A|-2-2--x-x--2-2--0-0-----|E|-3-3--x-x--0-0--x-x-----|
GCome with me
DMy love
EmTo the sea
A7The sea of love
G DI want to tell you
Emhow much
A7I love you
GDo you remember
DWhen we met
EmThat's the day
A7I knew you were my pet
G DI wanna tell you
Emhow much
A7I love you
-And So On And So Forth. If you like you can replace E minor with C, the sound fluctuates on different guitars so a C might sound better for some-
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