Cat Power - Kingsport Town tab

			     Kingsport Town by Cat Power

Chan Marshall's take on Bob Dylan, from 'The Covers Record' (2000). Her "Naked If I Want
To" cover uses almost an identical riff in its intro and outro to the one she uses in
this. I'm not 100% sure on the tabbing I did on this one, so please, comment if you have 
any corrections, but this sounds right to me.

Tabbed by: Scott H.

Tuning: Standard


Repeat throughout entire song, up until last verse. On the first line of the last verse ("Don't you remember..."), I think she is playing this, but the strumming is very, very light:
Then resume Intro/Verse riff from "I remember you..." up until the end of the song Lyrics: The winter wind Is blowing so strong My hands have got No gloves Wish to my sole That I could have The boy I'm dreaming of Don't you remember me, babe I remember you quite well Caused me to leave All of New York town With a high sheriff on my tail A high sheriff on my tail, boys, High sheriff on my trail All because I've fallen for A curly headed dark-eyed boy Who's gonna stroke Your coal black hair And your sandy colored skin Who's gonna walk you side by side And tell you everything is alright Who's gonna look You straight in the eye And hold your bad luck hand Who's gonna walk you Who's gonna talk to you And who's gonna be your woman The winter wind Is blowing so strong My hands have got No gloves Don't you remember me, babe? I remember you quite well
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