Cat Power – Moonshiner chords

                             Moonshiner by Cat Power

Chan's take on the classic folk song, from 'Moon Pix' (1998). Again, as with a 
great many of her songs, just two chords arpeggiated (picked). Not going to bother 
tabbing this, but if you play around with the chords, you should be able to figure 
out the picking pattern (note that she plays some of the open strings as well). I 
figured out how to play this by ear in about 2 minutes, which, coming from me, 
means it's fairly simple. I believe she bends the B string while picking A minor 
before alternating to the E minor chord.

Tuning: Standard

Am EmI've been a moonshiner
Am EmFor seventeen long years
Am EmI spend all my money on whiskey and beer
Am EmI go to some hollow
Am EmAnd set up my holy, holy still
Am EmIf drinking do not kill me
Am EmThen I don't know what will
Am EmI go to some bar room
Am EmAnd drink with my friends
Am EmSee if women and men would come to follow
Am EmTo see what I might spend
Am EmGod bless them handsome men
Am EmI wish they was mine
Am EmTheir breath is as sweet as
Am EmThe dew on the holy, holy vine
Am You're already in hell
EmYou're already in hell
Am Em I wish we could go to hell
Am EmWhen the bottle gets empty,
Am EmThen life ain't worth the drown
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