Catatonia - Londinium tab

Great song and cool solo.  If anyone knows the chords or bass please post them; i got 
solo and am pretty sure the song is in C# but cant for the life of me find a chord 
that fits

/ 3 \ 1. / 3 \e|-----------------------------------|---------------------------------|B|o-9-9-9----------------------------|--------------------------------o|G|---------10--11-10-----11-10-8-----|--11-11-11--10-8--------------8--|D|-------------------11----------11--|-----------------11----10--11----|A|o----------------------------------|--------------------------------o|E|-----------------------------------|---------------------------------|
2. * *e|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|--8-----11-10-8--------------8------|D|----11----------11----10--11--------|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|
** it actually does something different here but this works
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