Catch 22 - Kristina tab

G                  C                 D
Not long ago in my high school days
(D)                      G        G/F#
I watched a girl from so far away
Em                 C             D
but every time she passed me by
(D)                       G
I turned my head away and quietly sighed

and when she walked by
her hair would dance a secret tango
that only I could understand
and if she asked me for the time of day
I'd look her in the eyes and quietly say

D                          G          G/F#
Do you have any clue who I am (hell no!)
Em                     C
so listen up 'cos I'll tell you once
           D                               G
And I'll explain myself the best that I can
D                                    G    G/F#
You don't know me so I'll have to persist
Em                       C
I'm kind of shy so don't wonder why
Kristina she don't know I exist

Tabbed by Alexro
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