Catch 22 - 9mm And A Three Piece Suit tab

9mm and a Three Piece Suit
By: Catch 22
Tabbed by Sam-a-lama Kujo

Intro------Distortione|-5-------------------|B|-5-------------------|G|-6-(many many times)-|D|-7-------------------|A|-7-------------------|E|-5-------------------| A
Verse------Ska Strumminge|-5--3--5--5-|B|-5--3--7--7-|G|-6--4--7--7-| x8D|-7--5--7--7-|A|-7--5--5--5-|E|-5--3--5--5-| A G D D
Chorus-------Distortione|-5-3-5-|B|-5-3-7-|G|-6-4-7-| x4D|-7-5-7-|A|-7-5-5-|E|-5-3-5-|
A G DSka Strumminge|-5-5-7-7-|B|-5-7-7-9-|G|-6-7-8-9-| x2D|-7-7-9-9-|A|-7-5-9-7-|E|-5-5-7-7-| A D B E
Bridge-------Ska Strumminge|-5--3--5--5-|B|-5--3--7--7-|G|-6--4--7--7-| x4D|-7--5--7--7-|A|-7--5--5--5-|E|-5--3--5--5-| A G D D
Bass Interlude Play: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus (No guitar on ska part of this chorus) Outro (Verse progression 4x)
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