Catch Of The Day – Ode To The Bendy Straw tab

"Ode to the Bendy Straw" by Catch of the Day
Album: "Gone Fishin'"
By: Jimmy Jive
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

first there is a trumpet intro, pretty recognizable, your trumpet dude can get
the hang of it (this sint a trumpet tab)

halfway through the trumpet intro the guitar comes in like this:e-----------------------------B-----------------------------G-----5-----7-----3-----------D---5-----7-----3------3------A-3-----5-----1-------3-------E-------------------1---------
its pretty easy, just power chords with the strings plucked individually
then the rest of the song goes like this: (its just the intro, but strummed 8 times)e------------------------------------------------B------------------------------------------------G--5--------7--------3---------------------------D--5-(x8)---7-(x8)---3-(x8)---3------------------A--3--------5--------1--------3-(x8)-------------E-----------------------------1------------------
thats pretty much it...the bass just does the root strings of the chords (the A3, A5, A1, and E1) and on the intro its the exact same as for guitar, its almost the easiest song me if you dont get it...not like any of you out there have actually heard the song
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