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From: (Pascal Ruyskart)
Subject: Beaty #3 ( The Catchers)

From: Pascal Ruyskart 

BEAUTY NO. 3, by The Catchers - From the album "Mute"


(Am C D C) x2

Am              C            D              C               Am    
In her sleeping years deeply slung within a hammock made of skin
               C              D             C              G
she opened her caverns to the hunger of the lost and their kin
                D          C                           G
they fed on her vanity and soon they both became content
        D            C                           Am
men cut holes in her body but she was so confident
          C                G    D             Am
With your eyes and sorcery come beauty number 3
          C             G         D               C
can't you see the tragedy as your dream begins to leave

Am                C                  D              C             Am    
While a traveller began to gore upon her she looked deep into the ground
              C                 D             C               G
and momentary floods of thought unstyled and mystified rained down
          D               C                      G
on to her pretty head and she began to feel afraid
             D              C                   Am
and when she woke she found her beauty had decayed
           C                 G              D              C
And no one goes close to her then they wait for the moment when
       C           G               D           C
she is dreaming of her men in case she accuses them

Bm                          Am   C
She mourns the existence of time
                                 D             Bm
while though she's empty all she feels is tense
                      Am   C
and so she passes her time
by dreaming for the strength of children
Am        C                  G     D          Am
with your beauty you deceived come simple no. 3 
          C             G         D             Am
can't you see the tragedy as you lose your only dream
  C                    G         D               Am
I loved you for yourself I never needed anything else
        C     G           D
oh beauty no. 3

(Am           C            G             D   )
(She could be anything you wanted her to be  ) x3

Am            C           G
beautiful blank, beauty no. 3

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