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From: "Zeisel,Franck" 

"Summer's nearly over"

  Em  C
  D   D

Sing a song of wisdom
for a summer's children
And her body's broken
and her hands clutch at stars
Cradle summer's falling
in the arms that you once bore them
And the second's crawling
to the lake their wounds

    Chorus 1:
    Am    Bm

    And summer's nearly over
    We are not yet safe
    (2 times)

We could hide away
 find peace in some shaded place
Because the sun seems too strong
and the rain, of course
She washes everything away
 into the sea, into its belly
where summer's children play

    Chorus 1

       Chorus 2:
        G   C
        Em  D
       Come down with me now
       To where the summer (misten?) its rage
       Come down I want you
       To (tether?) the deeper me

As the songs of summer
Went down in numbers
And the moments lost their speed
I have felt a shiver
I heard a golden whisper
That seem to call after me

       Chorus 2

       G   C
       Em  D
       Follow me down, Follow me down
       Follow me down to summer's (graze?)
       Come down with me now
       I will show you tragic things.

   Franck Zeisel  (Toulouse, France)

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