Cathedral – Eternal Countdown tab

                         CATHEDRAL - ETERNAL COUNTDOWN (INTRO)
                         From SUPERNATURAL BIRTH MACHINE
                         Copyright 1996 Earache Records

Transcribed by MARKUS MARJOMAA
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.  - palm mute                  /  - slide up to         
\  - slide down to              ~  - vibrato             
h  - hammer on               5b(7) - bend to 
p  - pull off                (7)r5 - release bend from  
tr - trill       

TUNE DOWN TO C (because Cathedral uses this tuning almost exclusively, although there's
no reason why this particular song couldn't be played in standard tuning: just play everything
four frets lower than written here). 

Repeat until fade out - use slight palm muting throughout                                        
Guitar I 1. 2.|-----------8---------------------|----------|----------------||----------------10---------------|-10----8~-|-8--------------||----9-10-9---10----10-----9-10-9-|----10----|---10-9h10p9----||-12--------------------12--------|----------|-------------10-||---------------------------------|----------|----------------||---------------------------------|----------|----------------| Guitar II plays some Ad lib harmonies here.
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